Pre-press editorial and design services are part of your Stearns Publishing contract.

We will work with you through every step of the pre-press time period. Editing, proofing, page layout, page formatting, complete design, cover art, art within book, sales of ads for magazines and publications, full project coordination throughout. You will have access to all review steps and promotional designs as well.

Our pre-press design and editing services include:


We will perform a copy edit of your book to correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and subject-verb agreement.

Design and Layout

Your book will be formatted into pages and an appropriate typeface will be chosen. If Stearns is publishing a magazine or publication for you, we will create eye-catching beautiful full design package from cover to cover, including page layouts and formatting throughout your piece, custom design elements, in full-color or mixed layouts - whichever works best for your request.

Book Cover Design

A cover designer will create an eye-catching cover for your book, including any direction you may request. Additionally, we will include a full-color author photo on the back cover.

Book Illustrations

If your book requires illustrations, one of creative designers will design beautiful images that support the story-line.

Copyright with the Register of Copyrights of the Library of Congress

Two printed copies of your completed book will be submitted for copyright protection under your name.


We’ll manufacture the finished book, magazine or publication in almost any size or binding, as well as in digital form for reading on eBook devices and electronic media.

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