Stearns Publishing is a new arm to Stearns Business Services, LLC. Holly Stearns, the Founder of Stearns Business Services, LLC has always loved the joys of reading, for leisure and to better herself professionally and personally. It is her love for reading combined with her love for marketing and providing successful outcomes to companies; that she started Stearns Publishing. She wants to provide the opportunity of putting someone's ideas into book format as well as assisting companies and organizations to grow their businesses via publications.

The wonderful part of Stearns Publishing being a part of Stearns Business Services is at Stearns we are experts in marketing and in creating successful marketing campaigns and pieces, with this expertise and experience we will be able to provide awesome and rewarding promotional campaigns for our new authors and businesses alike.

We’ll work with you to customize a full-service publishing package – including complete beginning to end production and distribution, and limited or full-service promotion – whichever is right for your book, magazine, or publication.

Take a minute to check out our Services and begin that first step toward becoming a published author.

Publishing Services

The first thought is your book or idea for publishing. Once you submit your completed manuscript or idea to Stearns, we’ll provide you with a proposal customized specifically for you and your work. We want to provide you the opportunity to have the book, magazine or publication that you always dreamt of publishing.

Our publishing packages cover three main areas of the publishing process: production, promotion and distribution.

Create. Publish. Convert.
Simpler, faster, more effective digital publishing.