Stearns Publishing is an ideal choice for an author or organization looking for a complete and high quality publishing program.

We offer traditional publishing and e-publishing.

We will be happy to review your manuscript, for free, and determine if it fits within our content guidelines. We will then provide to you the publishing options available to you.

Please reach out to us today, we will be happy to work with you.

We are a full-service publisher for books, magazines, and publications.

Our team will edit, proofread, create original cover art, create additional artwork upon request, define a promotional campaign, and receive/fulfill book orders for you.

Stearns Publishing titles are also available to consumers in digital formats as well as traditionally printed.
These formats would be suitable for reading on eBook readers such as Amazon Kindle, iPhone, iPad, smartphones, personal computers, laptops, and other electronic reading devices.

After your great work is made available in print and eBook/ePub form, Stearns Publishing will perform a promotional campaign as part of our complete publishing package. There are additional promotions available above the standard packages, which include: digital press kits, online news releases, search engine marketing and much more.


Create. Publish. Convert.
Simpler, faster, more effective digital publishing.